Rideshare Greenlight Hub San

Welcome to ubergreenlighthubSanFrancisco.com. The link is right beneath this video. You will see the opening times you will see the address of the various locations that can help you. Why do people generally go down to the hub? Well, it’s usually for activation purposes. If you have to update documents, like your banking details, your insurance documents, your registration documents, your driver’s license. Those are usually the reasons why people go down to the hub. Now, unfortunately sometimes drivers get deactivated again you really want to speak to a live representative or a manager. Take note of the time and the date and the person, if you’ve been deactivated, to discuss your issue. That’s super, super important. If you have general questions, I’m available 365. You can email me, you can text me. My details are underneath this video and I invite you to send me that question. I’m excited to help you and if you want to know anything about the city, where to make money in downtown areas, around the pier, how to work with the tourists, the hotels, the airport’s, please feel free to reach out to me. Have a great day.

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